The Different Sprint Track Cycling Events Explained

The Different Sprint Track Cycling Events Explained

If you’re looking for biking events on which you can bet, we can tell you that almost every betting site covers the track cycling events that occur in the international championships and in the Olympics.

The truth is that the track cycling races are quite varied and each different type of race requires your total understanding so that you can know how to bet.

It’s natural that, in the beginning, you don’t know which track events to bet on and how each of them works. That is why we’ve compiled this simple explanation for you to differentiate them and be able to bet responsibly.

First off: track cycling events are divided between sprint events and endurance events.

Within the sprint category we will cover three of the events: the sprint, the team sprint and the kierin.


the different sprint track cycling events explained team sprint - The Different Sprint Track Cycling Events Explained

The sprint pits two athletes against each other. It is a very simple racing format in which the two riders start at the same place on the track. Along the 750 meters they battle one another for position. Obviously, the first rider to cross the finish line wins.

Team sprint

The team sprint is quite a bit more complex than the sprint. The men’s race consists of teams of three members that battle it out over three laps. Meanwhile, the women’s event includes teams of two elements that race for two laps.

For each race, one team battles another, with each one of them on one side of the track. This is how it goes: the rider to sit at the front abandons the race after one lap, leaving the team with two athletes. By the time of the third lap, each team has only one member still competing. Therefore, the athlete chosen to finish the race is typically the one with the most endurance skills, since they are the only element that has to race the three laps.

The team to complete the entire number of laps first is the winning team. Of course, team effort is essential in this event since the riders can not pass to the front of their teammates. Given that, the athlete that is leading can hold nothing back.


the different sprint track cycling events explained keirin - The Different Sprint Track Cycling Events Explained

The keirin is curiously the track cycling event that tens to attract more gamblers to the betting sites. It is one of the most complex but also most fun biking events.

A number of three to seven athletes follow a motorbike which gradually increases its speed for more than 1000 meters. Then, with three laps to finish, the motorbike leaves the track and the riders have to sprint over about 700 meters.

The one most important thing about this event is: positioning strategically behind the motorbike is crucial, so that when it leaves the track the rider can be in a better position to sprint and cross the finish line in the first place.

Now, you already have some more knowledge on three of the main track cycling events. Merging that with the knowledge you have on cycling betting can be the winning combination for you to maximize your extra income.

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